6 Qualities of A Woman Working Towards Mind-Body Wholeness

Every woman's life journey is one of renewal, learning, and growth but are they able to receive and apply all that unfolds in our journey?  Most woman are so overwhelmed with the responsibilities of…well….being a woman, that they struggle with the important practice of wholeness, which keeps their mind, body and soul healthy and ready for another opportunity or challenge.

Here are 6 ways women (and men) can work toward finding completeness, purpose, and wholeness for the mind, body and spirit.

  1. Embrace Your Imperfections as Perfections:  Self-assured women not only admit their imperfections, they applaud them. They know where their strengths lie, where they can improve, when to lead, and how to follow. Trying to be perfect at everything is inefficient, but embracing imperfections promotes self-love, self-healing, and ignites a new level of confidence.
  2. Let Go of Hurt, Anger, & Resentment: We have all experienced pain at some point in our lives.  That pain may have come in the form of a toxic relationship, a betrayal, a tragedy, or a rejection.  It affects our overall well-being and can impede any progress we so desperately want to make right now. As tough as it may be, at times, the biggest joy we can experience comes in letting go of situations or people. So, practice forgiveness, don’t hold grudges, recite some positive affirmations, and put that old ugly heavy baggage on the curb. Watch how much progress you can make in life after you “let it go”!
  3. Support Other Women: Sisterhood plays such an important role in the lives of women. Whether it be sisterhood in a sorority, a ministry, an organization, a network, as business partners, as friends, or as true blood sisters, the soul-shaking influence of sisterhood creates a power of influence, healing, and disconnectedness that is unrivaled to any other force on earth. Women who can genuinely embrace and support other women experience greater levels or success and fulfillment. The best way to support women in business is with a practice called “sheconomics”, where you support women-owned business, invest in women-led startups, and hire, train, and mentor women of all ages, levels, and backgrounds.
  4. Be Still:  Being still is tremendously difficult in our always-on world, but very necessary for those whose minds needs rest and redirection.  Stress, anxiety, and depression permeate through our society like a plague and stillness is one of the best cures. Many people think of being still as a form of meditation or prayer. It could be, but it doesn’t have to be. Being still has more to do with quieting our minds. “The key to being still is to eliminate distractions and let go of all the internal and external distractions,” says Takiyah Rodriguez, CEO of Hazel’s Honey Tree, a company focused on products that support wholeness and wellness.  Rodriguez explains “in this space of intentional stillness we can breathe correctly, reflect on decisions and actions, regain clarity, fight obsessions and habits, repair body cells, foster self-compassion, focus on patience, gain control, and consciously become aware of everything beautiful”. Stillness is powerful.
  5. Be Patient with Yourself: Patience is one of the most important qualities to develop if you care about personal growth. It's also one of the most difficult. We live in a goal-driven society that idolizes wealth, luxuries, flashy lifestyles, and a race to be the best. Don’t get caught up in the media-rich façade because you’ll get frustrated with your progress and start seeing your skills, accomplishments, journey, and development as not enough.  Those of us who don’t have the patience for ourselves are constantly self-criticizing and disappointed which leads to a cycle of anxiety, depressions, self-loathing, anger, stress, and inadequate thoughts.  Give yourself time to walk in your own destiny, down your own path – your individual journey is for you and you only. Allow yourself to have fun, to celebrate your milestones, to learn at your own pace, and to properly grow.  Being patient with yourself gives you the level of clarity where you can properly learn from your mistakes and realize your true personalized path of greatness. 
  6. Eat Right: We’ve all heard the saying “your body is your temple”!  Eating for the physical body is indelibly connected to sustenance for the mental and emotional bodies. A nutritious, well-balanced diet – along with physical activity and refraining from smoking – is the foundation of good health. Healthy eating includes consuming high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and water in the foods you take in while minimizing processed foods, saturated fats and alcohol. Eating in this manner helps you maintain your body’s everyday functions, promotes optimal body weight and can assist in disease prevention.